I have seen Grazia for Craniosacral Therapy for some time. She is always focused, always ready, always at the service of her client – a true compassionate professional.
I came with rotator cuff pain and in addition to this, other issues were treated successfully.
I always leave Grazia feeling totally looked after and “all put together”.
Thank you, Grazia

I have been seeing Grazia Campolmi for craniosacral therapy for about eight years on a regular basis. She is very professional in her approach while being kind, considerate and sensitive to my needs. Grazia is enthusiastic about the therapy and I would highly recommend her as a craniosacral therapist
J Mc G

I have known Grazia for well over a decade and still keep returning to her for treatments, both Alexander Technique and Craniosacral Therapy. I have suffered long term ME.
She works gently. sensitively and intuitively and even at times of acute physical illness, she has enabled me to feel peace and comfort in my body and emotions in a way that no other therapist has offered. She has a capacity to sit silently and bring my body back to a state of balance without any sense of forcing. Her gifts are remarkable.

I first went to Grazia because I was experiencing a lot of pain in my arm, due to carpal tunnel syndrome, which was interrupting my sleep. After two craniosacral treatments the pain disappeared. Whenever I have a treatment I feel enveloped by the positivity and inner peace which Grazia’s gentle presence evokes.

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