The Alexander Technique – Testimonials

After years of upper back discomfort and more recently neck trouble, I am now free of pain, and only after six lessons in the Alexander Technique. A.S.

Grazia’s warm, gentle personality immediately puts you at ease. Whatever the ache, pain or worry you feel safe in her hands. For me each session is my time, when I can relax as Grazia encourages gentle movement. At the end I feel as though my body and mind has had a wonderful massage and I can then go on and face the day. Can’t wait until the next time. M.H.

It was through experiencing the Alexander Technique that I came to develop an awareness of the body as something separate to myself. I live my life differently now, realizing that I can be a more whole person by listening to my body and mind and addressing issues in life with a more balanced outlook. C.N.

As a yoga teacher, I am able to tie myself up into loops and knots. Under Grazia’s gentle and skilful hands, I am able to effortlessly, with the Alexander Technique, undo those knots!! My weekly lessons with Grazia are the treasured “ahhhh” moments of my week. She is a wonderful Alexander teacher and person and has been instrumental in my undertaking my own training to become an A.T. teacher. I will always come back to Grazia. D.J.

Receiving Alexander Technique from Grazia has been most helpful in bringing me to a different sort of attention, so I am more in touch with myself-bones-muscles and cells and where my emotions are held. N.T.

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